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DWKit is a business application platform which will help you effectively manage form and business process development time with drag&drop interaction.

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Workflow server

Workflow Server is a component for managing the lifecycle of business objects. Perfect for microservices-based architecture.

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Workflow engine

Workflow Engine is a perfect solution if you are dealing with business entities life cycle management in a project.

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FormBuilder is a lightweight, effective and essential form tool used to create and manage forms. It is based on React and can be integrated into any web app.

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Rule engine

Rule Engine is a component which helps add rules into your project. It allows you arrange your project business rules and manage them effectively. Rule Engine is a key component of any decision making model.

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Mark West, CEO, Innovum Technologies

Innovum Technologies needed a flexible workflow component for ASP.NET that would allow us to customize our software product to our customer’s environment. Workflow Engine was the best fit for our needs. It provides a flexible and extensible architecture, a powerful workflow engine and an intuitive visual workflow designer that enables us to rapidly modify our application to meet the needs of our clients.

Márcio Lima, Senior Software Engineer, Wine.Create

The workflow is super flexible, visual and easy to extend, allowing us to customize it to our needs in a timely fashion.

Eugene Kouroptev, VP of Product Development, ProcessMAP

ProcessMAP utilizes Workflow Engine as an integral part of the Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management SaaS solution. We’ve researched the tools available on the market and opted for Workflow Engine as it offers exactly what we need without extra functionality like form designers and interface builders.

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