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Optimajet For Startups

Automation of business processes is widely used by startups to create solutions with significantly lower development costs. We offer special conditions for using our solutions for your startups. We have developed several commercial solutions that allow startups to access our solutions without initial costs.

Why Our Solutions are Suitable for Startups

  1. Very convenient functionality of business processes allows for creating large-scale projects and easily adjusting processes that will change during the evolution of the startup.
  2. Our solutions grow together with the project - scaling our products does not require additional development and costs.
  3. You can make the project faster and easier using OptimaJet solutions.
  4. You may not have initial costs for our solutions.
  5. We are flexible in approaching each case and can provide individual conditions for product usage.
  6. Rights to the product will be completely yours.
For Startups on industry

  1. Projects in document management
  2. Process control systems in financial startups
  3. Production automation systems
  4. Nonprofit organizations
  5. Educational platforms
  6. Logistics systems
Commercial Solution Possibilities

  1. Free usage for Nonprofit organizations
  2. Convertible loan
  3. Discounts on solution acquisition and individual solutions
How it Works

  1. Tell us about your project - send a presentation and a pitch.
  2. Schedule a call with our commercial service.
  3. Preparation of personalized offers.
  4. Signing of the agreement.
  5. Implementation of the solution.

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