dwkit business application platform

DWKit is a special solution for full-cycle development of business applications. From a prototype to a production system, DWKit integrates easily with modern tools including source control, CI/CD, and supports modern methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum.

DWKit’s main goal is to help you effectively manage form and business process development time with drag&drop interaction.

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Recomended Materials

Business Process Management Software: Evolution

It all began in 1993, when Workflow Management Coalition was formed to define business standards for business processes management. In 1995 they already issued their first standard — Workflow Reference Model. That was the moment when a new class of software products emerged. It was called BPMS, or BPM.

Product Migration: from legacy to DWKit

It all started with looking for perfect solutions that could be integrated with the legacy system we were dealing with. After we successfully launched Workflow Engine, it became clear that we were going to need another product which would allow us to modernize our existing project. Unfortunately none of the solutions available at that time could answer our prayers.

Searching for a perfect business application platform...

We started looking for a perfect platform that would answer all our prayers. Our requirements were simple: whole project should be built in one IDE (Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider) with search engine and intelliSense, it must be user-, Git- and FDD-friendly with full comprehensible documentation and technology stack.

Our clients

BlackBook.AI is an Australian based company that specialises in automation and artificial intelligence.

Lucht Probst Associates has 200 experts from fields as diverse as economics, natural sciences and IT. LPA combines state-of-the-art consulting, latest technology and cutting-edge capital markets expertise to achieve the very best results.

SIL International is a faith-based nonprofit organization. Founded in 1934, SIL has grown from a small summer linguistics training program with two students to a staff of over 5,000 people from 89 countries of origin.

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