workflow server

Workflow Server is a key component for managing the lifecycle of business objects within your enterprise.

Workflow Server is a Workflow Engine-based application that you can deploy into your infrastructure. It can be integrated with any applications via a REST API. Perfect for microservices-based architecture.

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Workflow Server — a microservice architecture component

Microservice architecture is companies’ architecture of choice these days. Its advantages are simplicity, scalability and flexibility. Our clients asked us many times how to quickly integrate Workflow Engine into their architecture. Now we have a special product for such scenarios—Workflow Server. Workflow Server is a standalone server which fits the microservice architecture perfectly.

Workflow Performance

Workflow Engine demonstrates perfect performance both on weak machines and powerful servers. A well-thought-through architecture ensures stable processing times even with default database settings and hundred thousands to millions of processes, including active/unfinished ones.

Workflow Server Goes OpenAPI

Last year marked the new release of OpenAPI, a specification created by the Open API Initiative (OAI)—a Linux Foundation project created to promote and somewhat unify application programming interfaces. The initiative involves more than 30 companies of different tech areas, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, and CapitalOne, with Smartbear Software’s Swagger helping lead the evolution of the specification. So, what’s OpenAPI and why should you care?

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